hillytree design

hillytree design is an interior design firm based in Ashville City, North Carolina.

After going through their About page, it’s clear that the CEO, Hillary was raised in Hawaii and Florida (Miami I suppose)… and she loves the colors of Coral colored flowers, pale gray driftwood, the inky appearance of trees at night… and she’s particularly in love with the colors & textures in nature.

Although Hillary could’ve mentioned any colors from nature, she chose to mention the above ones. So, that’s enough incentive for me to move ahead picking hillytree’s new color palette and fonts based on that.

… Keep scrolling down to find out how it all unfolds!

The Details

hillytree design Inspiration

Color Palette

Proposed Color Palette of 6 Colors For hillytree design
Proposed Color Palette of 6 Colors For hillytree design


Heading 1 / Logo Text

H2 and Rest headings

Accent headings / Links

Body Font – Regular & Italics

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